September 17, 2014  •  1 Comment

Now that I work from home, I get to spend quality time with my 3-year old son, Rocco Rene. It has not come easy, the road to being home or tackling the juggling act that home-makers do on a daily (kuddos to you!) and certainly I am doing it with very little to no grace. But I'm trying. Practice makes progress.

So, I take Rocco to the park with his Spider-man skateboard, safety gear, hearty snacks and plenty of water. I mean we were in for a hot day outdoors. I felt like I could fun and funny as heck -- just like "dad" After all, Rocco's only question lately is to Rene, "Dad, I have one question for you." Rene responds with "What's your question Rocco?" Rocco asks, "are you still my best friend, dad." And of course the answer is always, "Yes, I'll always be your best friend Rocco." Melts me every single time. At the end of our day at the park, Rocco had ONE question for ME...





His question to me was, "Mum, where's dad?" But that smile still has my heart. Quality time was a success.


Love Rocco and this post. Looking forward to following your journey.
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